Registration @ NIP 2nd semester AY 2019-2020

Registration schedule:

6 January 2020
Freshman, graduating, varsity, HASPAG, graduate students, and students with special needs

7 January 2020
All UPD undergraduate and graduate students

8 January 2020
All students (including cross registrants, non-degree, special, foreign, exchange students)


Cancellations can be processed during the registration period by your adviser, by the NIP reg team at the NIP veranda, or by email request from your official account with your complete name, student number, and Physics course section.
Granting of Slots:
  • Students do not need to be present at NIP to be enlisted.
  • CRS Online Waitlist Module will be used for Physics Batch Runs during the general registration period. No manual enlistments for Physics 7x/7x.1 and Physics 10.
  • Classes that you select in this module are not automatically granted to you. You need to wait for the offering unit to process the waitlists to see if you are granted a slot in your waitlisted classes.
  • Granting of class slots is the prerogative of the offering unit. The unit can choose to assign the slots to the waitlisted students in any way like “random assignment” or "priority by student type". Please contact the respective offering/enlisting unit if you have any questions on how and when they will process a waitlist.
  • If not granted a slot after a batch run, please waitlist again during the next waitlisting schedule.

  • We aim to accommodate as many students as we can.
  • Please join every online waitlist session you can. Unsatisfied demand is automatically evaluated as a petition for more slots.
  • Additional sections/slots are opened if demand is sufficient and rooms are available.

Q: If I am already enlisted in a specific Physics 10/7x/7x.1 section, may I request transfer to another timeslot?
A: No. Please cancel your enlisted class and waitlist in your preferred section.

Q: How do I petition for additional slots?
A: By waitlisting. Unsatisfied demand after a waitlisting session is automatically evaluated as a petition for slots. No need for email requests.

Please email Please indicate the physics course in the subject heading and always include your student number in the email.

Thank you!