Physics 10 Enlistment Page


Registration flowchart 1st sem AY 2019-2020 here

Enlist via the CRS online waitlist module. Waitlisting instructions here.

[31 July] Enlistment is now only via teacher's prerog.

[31 July] Batch run results are out.

Physics 10 available slots: here

CRS online waitlisting schedule:

Day 1 (29 July 2019)
Freshmen, graduating, varsity, HASPAG, graduate students, and students with special needs.

Opens 5 PM (28 July)
Closes 3 PM

Day 2 (30 July 2019, AM Session) 
UP Diliman students from CALCS, and CSSP.

Batch Run 1
Opens 5 PM (29 July)
Closes 10 AM

Day 2 (30 July 2019, PM Session)
UP Diliman students from Colleges other than CALCS, and CSSP.

Batch Run 2
Opens 12 NN
Closes 3 PM

Day 3 (31 July 2019)
All students

Opens 5 PM (30 July)
Closes 3 PM

Teacher's prerog (in class)
All UP students

Instructions for Teacher's Prerog on first day of class are here.
  • Students do not need to be present at NIP to be enlisted.
  • Check the CRS online waitlist module for specific waitlist schedules.
  • Waitlist in your needed course with the preferred class schedule.
  • Results are posted 1 hour after the waitlist is closed.
  • If not granted a slot after a batch run, please waitlist again during the next waitlisting schedule.


Cancellations can be processed during the registration period by your adviser, by the NIP reg team at the NIP veranda, or by email request from your official account with your complete name, student number, and Physics 10 section.

  • We aim to accommodate as many students as we can.
  • Please join every online waitlist session you can. Unsatisfied demand is automatically evaluated as a petition for more slots.
  • Instructions for Teacher's Prerog on first day of class are here.


Please email Please indicate the physics course in the subject heading and always include your student number in the email.

Thank you!