Physics 7x/7x.1 Enlistment Page

[Posted 9 Sep, 9:50 AM]

Newly opened Physics 71.1 classes :
  • WBC-3 (W 8:00 - 10:00 AM) - 18 slots
  • FBC-3 (F 8:00 - 10:00 AM) - 18 slots
Newly opened Physics 72.1 classes :
  • TBC-1 (T 8:00 - 10:00 AM) - 18 slots
  • FBC-1 (F 8:00 - 10:00 AM) - 18 slots

Physics 7x/7x.1 available slots
  • Physics 71/71.1: here
  • Physics 72/72.1: here
  • Physics 73/73.1: here

CRS online waitlisting schedule:

Day 1 (4 September 2020)
Freshmen, graduating, varsity, HASPAG, graduate students, and students with special needs.

(CLOSED, Please check your CRS accounts)

Day 2 (7 September 2020, AM Session) 
UP Diliman students from CALCS, and CSSP.

Batch Run 1
(CLOSED, Please check your CRS accounts)

Day 2 (7 September 2020, PM Session)
UP Diliman students from Colleges other than CALCS, and CSSP.

Batch Run 2
(CLOSED, Please check your CRS accounts)

Day 3 (8 September 2020)
All students.

Batch Run 1
(CLOSED, Please check your CRS accounts)

Batch Run 2
(CLOSED, Please check your CRS accounts)

Teacher's prerog (in class)
All UP students

Instructions for Teacher's Prerog on first day of class are here.

  • Students do not need to be present at NIP to be enlisted.
  • Check the CRS online waitlist module for specific waitlist schedules.
  • Waitlist in your needed course with the preferred class schedule.
  • Results are posted 1 hour after the waitlist is closed.
  • If not granted a slot after a batch run, please waitlist again during the next waitlisting schedule.


Cancellations can be processed during the registration period by your adviser or by answering this form:
using your UP mail ( account.

Lost your UP mail access? See instructions here.

  • We aim to accommodate as many students as we can.
  • Please join every online waitlist session you can. Unsatisfied demand is automatically evaluated as a petition for more slots.


Please email Please indicate the physics course in the subject heading and always include your student number in the email.

[New] You can also reach our team through the following contact details:

Contact numbers:
    +639297848657 (Smart)
    +639165678251 (Globe)
    Reg Liknayan (

Thank you!