January 13, AM Session: Tri-Coll batch run


Strictly for regular students of CALCS, and CSSP. (Form 5A must say "Regular")
[new] Results of 13 Jan 2015 AM raffle:
Also posted in NIP veranda.
71/71.1: 400+ requests (some delay)
72/72.1: 0 requests (here)
73/73.1: 1 request (here)

  • [new] Students do not need to be present at NIP to be enlisted.
  • [new] If the reg team can not enlist the student (ineligible, conflict, locked account, etc.) the student forfeits the slot.
  • The NIP reg team will collate duplicate entries into a single one.
  • A random number generator will assign a queue number for each student request.
  • The reg team will enlist students according to queue order until all available slots are exhausted.
  • The reg team will post the student numbers of enlisted students at the NIP verandah shortly after each raffle. You may also check CRS or this webpage if you are away from NIP.
  • If you need your Form 5A signed by the reg team, you can do so after the raffle.


Cancellations can be processed by your adviser or by the NIP reg team at the NIP veranda.


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