Physics 71 Sem 2 AY 2014-2015

There is much demand in the A, W, and X sections because of conflicts with the V schedule of 11:45-12:45. There are currently 27 available slots in the V section.

To relieve demand in other Physics 71 sections, we are looking for enlisted students who are willing to be transferred to the V section of 11:45-12:45.

Thank you for your support.

[new] Transfer request here.

Please let your friends know that they can sign up to transfer to a less crowded section. 

This online form will close at
11:59 PM 20 January
After it closes, you can still transfer manually by prerog.

Current Phys 71 demand:

 A [7:00-8:00 AM]
 R [8:45-9:45 AM]
 U [10:15-11:15 AM]
 W [1:15-2:15 PM]
 X [2:45-3:45 AM]