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Enlistment of Physics major courses

For enlistment of Physics major courses, please send an email to Please indicate your student number and your desired class and section.

Enlistment of non-physics courses

Please refer to the enlistment mechanics of the units offering the course.


Cancellations can be processed during the registration period by your adviser or by answering this form:
using your UP mail ( account. This cancellation form will be open from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Lost your UP mail access? See instructions here.



Please email using your UP mail ( account. Please indicate the physics course in the subject heading and always include your student number in the email.

Lost your UP mail access? See instructions here.

[New] You can also reach out team through the following contact details:

    Reg Liknayan (

Thank you!

Advising and Registration:
  • Registration process for 2nd Sem AY 2020-2021

    List of Registration Advisers
    (AY2020-2021, 2nd Semester)

    A. Undergraduate Students with Research Advisers
    Research Advisers or Program Coordinators

    B. Undergraduate Students WITHOUT Research Advisers:

        B.1. Student no. 20-XXXXX (1st year standing)
        Dr. Nathaniel Hermosa
        Dr. May Lim
        Dr. Francis Paraan
        Dr. Ian Vega
        Dr. Cristine Villagonzalo

        B.2. Student no. 19-XXXXX (2nd year standing)
        Dr. Percival Almoro
        Dr. Johnrob Bantang
        Dr. Jose Perico Esguerra
        Dr. Eric Galapon
        Dr. Armando Somintac
        Dr. Maricor Soriano

        B.3. Student No. 18-XXXXX  and below
        (3rd, 4th, 5th year standing without 
        Research Labs)
        Dr. Ronald Banzon
        Dr. Jayson Cosme
        Dr. Elmer Estacio
        Dr. Caesar Saloma
        Dr. Arnel Salvador
        Dr. Roland Sarmago

        B.4. Transferees/Shiftees 
        Dr. May Lim
        Dr. Cristine Villagonzalo

    C. MA Students
    Dr. Jose Perico Esguerra

    D. MS and PhD Students
    All Form 5's and 5A's are signed by the NIP Director, Dr. Wilson O. Garcia, him being the
    Graduate Committee Chair.

    Kindly submit enrollment forms to the NIP Director's email:
    <> with subject heading “MS/PhD Advising”. Please cc the DDAA
    <>. The research adviser must affix his/her initial on the Form 5/5A.

    D.1. Graduate Students with a Research Adviser
    Email an updated Program of Study (POS) and Gantt chart to the Director at
    <> with subject heading “MS/PhD Updated POS”.
    Kindly cc the DDAA <>.
    Please note that in the POS the students must identify their specialized, breadth, and general

    D.2. Graduate Students without a Research Adviser
    Make an updated Program of Study (POS) in consultation with a member of the Graduate
    Admission and Testing Committee (Dr. Jose Perico Esguerra, Dr. Eric Galapon, Dr. May Lim,
    Dr. Arnel Salvador, Dr. Ian Vega, or Dr. Cristine Villagonzalo).
    Email the updated POS to the Director at <> and cc
    the DDAA at <>.