Physics majors


[Jan 2019]
Freshmen may be eligible for CRS online pre-advising (link here) [Form will close on Saturday, 10PM]. 

Registration Venue
F209 (undergraduate students), Director's Office (graduate students)

Registration Advisers

List of Registration Advisers
AY2018-2019, 2nd Semester

A. Undergraduate Students with Research Advisers
Research Advisers or Program Coordinators

B. Undergraduate Students Without Research Advisers:
B.1. Student no. 18-XXXXX (1st year standing)
Dr. May Lim
Dr. Valerie Samson
Dr. Jose Perico Esguerra

B.2. Student no. 17-XXXXX (2nd year standing)
Dr. Francis Paraan
Dr. Eric Galapon
Dr. Percival Almoro

B.3. Student no. 16-XXXXX (3rd year standing)
Dr. Maricor Soriano
Dr. Johnrob Bantang
Dr. Caesar Saloma

B.4. Student No. 15-XXXXX  and below  (4th, 5th, 6th year standing w/out 
Research Labs)
Dr. Ronald Banzon
Dr. Nathaniel Hermosa II
Dr. Arnel Salvador

B.5. Transferees/Shiftees 
Dr. May Lim
Dr. Ian Vega

C. MA Students
Dr. Jose Perico Esguerra

D. MS and PhD Students
All Form 5's and 5A's are signed by the NIP Director (Dr. Roland Sarmago). Please provide a 2" x 2" ID picture for your NIP records.

D.1. Graduate Students with a Research Adviser
Submit an updated Program of Study and Gantt chart. The research adviser must affix his/her initial on the Form 5/5A.

D.2. Graduate Students without a Research Adviser
Submit an updated Program of Study in consultation with a member of the Graduate Admission and Testing Committee.

BS Physics/Applied Physics Retention Rules
All BS Physics and BS Applied Physics students must satisfy the following minimum requirements for retention in their respective programs of study:

1. The student must maintain an average of 2.75 in all Math and Physics courses at the end of his/her second year, and every year thereafter, until he/she is attached to an undergraduate research adviser.
2. The student must have passed the following courses by the end of his/her third year: Math 55, Math 121.1, and Physics 112.
3. The student must have passed the following courses by the end of his/her fourth year: Physics 104, Physics 104.1, Physics 121, and Physics 131.
4. The student must have an undergraduate research adviser (not just apprenticeship) by the end of his/her fourth year and continuously have one until the end of his/her program.

Inability to comply with the above minimum requirements disqualifies the student from the BS Physics/BS Applied Physics program.

Approved by the NIP Graduate Committee, 9 June 1999, for implementation starting AY 1999-2000.


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