Registration Venue

Undergraduate students: NIP F209 except for the following: 
Dr. Johnrob Bantang @ NIP F310, Dr. Cristine Villagonzalo @ NIP F302

Graduate students: Director's Office

Registration Advisers

List of Registration Advisers
AY2017-2018, 2nd semester

A. Undergraduate Students with Research Advisers
Your respective research advisers/ lab coordinators will be signing your Form 5A/Form 5.  

B. Undergraduate Students Without Research Advisers:

B.1. Student no. 2017-XXXXX (1st year standing, UPCAT and OUR)
Dr. May Lim

B.2. Student no. 2016-XXXXX (2nd year standing, except Transferees/Shiftees; see B.5)
Dr. Nathaniel Hermosa
Dr. Ronald Banzon
Dr. Denny Lane Sombillo

B.3. Student no. 2015-XXXXX (3rd year standing)
Dr. Rene Batac
Dr. Eric Galapon
Dr. Francis Paraan
Dr. Marvin Flores

B.4. Student no. 2014-XXXXX (4th, 5th year standing without research labs)
Dr. Percival Almoro
Dr. Johnrob Bantang @ NIP F310
Dr. Jose Perico Esguerra
Dr. Caesar Saloma
Dr. Maricor Soriano
Dr. Arnel Salvador
Dr. Armando Somintac

B.5. Transferees/Shiftees 
Dr. Jose Perico Esguerra
Dr. Cristine Villagonzalo @ NIP F302

C. MA students
Dr. Rene Batac

D. MS and PhD students
1. Please provide a 2" x 2" ID picture for your NIP records.
2. All Form 5's and 5A's are signed by the NIP Director (Dr. Roland Sarmago).

D.1. Graduate students with a research adviser
Submit an updated Program of Study and Gantt chart. Your research adviser must affix his/her initial on the Form 5/5A.

D.2. Graduate students without a research adviser
Submit an updated Program of Study to the DDAA (Dr. May Lim). You may consult a member of the Graduate Admission and Testing Committee (Dr. Ian Vega, Dr. Arnel Salvador, Dr. Jose Perico Esguerra, Dr. Eric Galapon, Dr. Cristine Villagonzalo) when making an update.